Lettering Artist

Terry Quentrill is a calligrapher in West Virginia who has loved letters for more than two decades. Terry enjoys creating all types of calligraphy - from the traditional structured scripts to the expressive, sometimes abstract visual paintings.

"I have always loved the written word and the power to create art that visually and spiritually speaks to someone."

About the Artist

Terry Quentrill A founding member of the Charleston Calligraphers Guild, Terry also enjoys membership with the Huntington Calligraphy Guild.

Terry first learned calligraphy at the age of 20 and was immediately hooked on letterforms. Through lettering she has found a way to tap into her creative soul and using mediums such as watercolors, pastels, gouache, inks and gold she creates expressive calligraphic works of art.

She has promoted the art of calligraphy in West Virginia for more than 20 years by teaching classes as well as bringing in internationally known lettering artists for weekend and weeklong workshops.

Terry continues to study letterforms and related topics by studying with internationally known instructors such as Peter Thornton, Thomas Ingmire, Leanna Fay, Sherri Kiesel, and Lisa Engelbrecht, among others.

The overall presentation is what makes people stop to admire. Technique, words and design choices are what bring the viewer in and keeps them spellbound.